For Me Too?

Have you ever read a scripture and said to yourself, “Maybe that applies to you but it isn’t true for me” ?

Our Take Heart Ministry verse, John 16:33, comes to mind:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But TAKE HEART! I have overcome the world.”

You may be thinking that the having trouble part applies to your life because of a divorce, past abuse, an illness, or messy life circumstances.  But the rest of the scripture may not seem to fit for you, and you may question “how can I ever have peace?” or “how can I TAKE HEART when my heart feels torn into a million pieces?”.

Let me assure you Dear One, this Scripture—all of it—is for you. God’s Word (the Bible and Jesus) are for your healing (Ps 107:20). His Word can encourage you, give you strength to persevere one more day, enable you to hold onto hope, and empower you to believe Him more (Mark 9:24).  When our hearts are broken, Jesus lovingly says “TAKE HEART from Me. I know you are broken and struggling. That is why I am offering you the gifts from my heart—salvation, courage, peace, and hope. Look to Me to provide everything you are lacking as I have already accomplished overcoming the world of troubles you are facing right now!” (my paraphrase)

If you are still having a hard time believing all of this Scripture is for you, may I suggest that the very discouragement of your situation and/or the cruel bondage that situation has brought into your life may be keeping you from really knowing that this truth is for you too. The people of Israel struggled with this and refused to hear God’s message to them from Moses for this very reason (Exodus 6:9).

Could it be that you have allowed your circumstances to rewrite your theology, or maybe your didn’t have a belief system to cling to when the difficulty came crashing down on you?  If so, please know that you can TAKE HEART.  There is a Savior who longs for you to turn your face away from your difficulties and see that He is waiting with outstretched arms. He is waiting to exchange His peace for your broken pieces, your hopelessness for His hope.

If you have questions about applying the Scriptures to your own life, I or another member of the Take Heart Ministry team would consider it a honor to talk with you.

Nell Norton is a member of the Restoration Realities team at Taylors First Baptist church, and speaks on topics related to abuse education and dealing with brokenness as a Christian. Nell will be co-leading the breakout session entitled “Home Should Be a Safe Place” at Take Heart 2014: Embrace Grace!  For more information or to register: www.TakeHeartTogether.come/conference


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