The Dead End View

bikeshadowIt was a sunny vacation morning. I hopped on my bike, looking forward to a worry-free time exploring beachside streets. But as often happens, my worries hopped on board.

I began to think about the series of blog posts I had planned to write this summer. The ones (about what it means to be blessed) that still aren’t written.

I started the series in the spring, but all my efforts to add more installments ended in frustration. I hit dead end after dead end.deadend1

I couldn’t move forward with my plan, so I didn’t move forward at all. I felt like a failure.

I wondered and worried, what does a writer do when she can’t work past a dead end?

deadend2And as I rode and wondered, I realized I was riding past dead end sign after dead end sign.

So I began exploring these dead end streets.

Some simply ended.roadfade

Others faded into footpaths and unexplored territory.

And still others ended with a breathtaking view.view1

Then it hit me.

Sometimes in life, our plans don’t work out. Whether in writing or relationships, careers or creative projects, we come to dead ends.

We may need to turn around.

We may decide to hack our way through overgrown paths.

Or sometimes, we need to let go of unfinished plans, park our bikes, and enjoy the view.

Ironically, as I took in the amazing dead end view, I felt truly blessed.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21